Endorsements and Testimonials

I met Dennis in 2004 when I was starting my practice. I knew nothing about life and disability insurance or malpractice coverage. He spent a couple hours at a coffee shop with me explaining the details and the advantages/disadvantages of certain options. There was absolutely no pressure to go in any particular direction, and it felt like we were making decisions as a team rather than making a purchase.

As the time came to make some choices, Dennis did the research and found incredible deals in all three areas. The policies he found easily beat the products I identified with my own research in both price and benefits. Throughout the last twelve years, his approach to our business relationship has never changed. There has never been an attempt on his part to "push" more coverage than I need. He simply makes himself available to provide information and assistance whenever needed. When I reach out to him, I hear back within minutes and he's immediately on task to investigate the question.

You will not be disappointed working with Dennis, and you won't find a better teammate for your insurance needs!

Samuel Shiley, MD
Portland, OR


I am very fortunate to have been the recipient of your wonderful services, again. You are truly the most competent, respectful, resourceful, honest, diligent, kind and caring expert whom I've known in your profession. You must love your work and care about many others and their lives. It will be my honor and pleasure to spread my words about your great services and support to my colleagues and friends, and to write this testimonial for you.

I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me, and your prompt help and support for my benefit, again, especially during urgent times of uncertain circumstances. I have the highest respect and trust for your professionalism, as your work and time spent for me did not benefit you at times... you do it because you truly care. Your clear and methodical explanation, as well as your thorough, patient and efficient follow through have always assured me with the best solutions to my inquiries and concerns. Again, you have shown me your outstanding wealth of knowledge, expertise, and connections in your profession, and exceptional services for me, with the highest integrity, genuine kindness and care... not equaled by any others in my 24 years of professional life.

Gina Sheedy, MD, MPH
Physician Consultant
Lake Oswego, OR

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Dennis Reynolds for the past fifteen years. Not only is he a respected and knowledgeable insurance agent, he is an esteemed gentleman endowed with impeccable ethics and morals. I am honored to know him and feel privileged to call him my friend. Our world is a better place to live because of people like Dennis Reynolds.

Donald J Schroeder, MD
OMA Past President
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Eugene, OR

I first met Dennis Reynolds at an OMA meeting in the early 80`s. Our society was helping out the new members by recommending a few ethical professionals who provided certain services we would need. One of them was Dennis Reynolds.

I called Dennis the next day. One of the smartest decisions I have ever made. He took me in hand, explaining everything in a patient and clear fashion. He arranged all my policies, always getting me the proper coverage at the best rates. He called me every year to go over my coverages, changing them as the need dictated. He provided me with an annual summary of my policies so that if anything should have happened to me, my wife and business partners would have a clear, easily obtained picture of my insurance coverages.

When my need for a certain type of coverage ended, Dennis would contact me and arrange for termination of that policy, not exactly a self-serving act.

With nearly 20 years of association our relationship has evolved from a purely professional one into a warm and lasting friendship. I`m proud to count Dennis, a fellow Vietnam vet, as a friend and am honored to recommend him unreservedly to anyone seeking help with their insurance needs. You will be glad you called him.

Bruce Miller, MD.
President, Oregon Medical Research Center
Former President, Dermatology Associates
Portland, OR

I have had the pleasure of working with Dennis Reynolds for almost twenty years. During these years, Dennis has proven his professionalism with each encounter, showing respect for what was on my agenda, and for the business that I had to accomplish. He has been entirely reliable and accurate with his work. He has communicated well with each transaction, making it easy to understand the various policies and the options. In short, I can recommend him to you without reservation.

Michael P. Nielsen, M.D.
Oregon City, OR

Dennis Reynolds has handled my disability income and life insurance for many years. I find him to be trustworthy, highly competent and someone with whom I can easily talk. Dennis goes beyond what is expected when it comes to service. He once drove to the coast to pick up a check to prevent an important policy from lapsing. How many advisors would do that?

I am proud to offer my endorsement of Dennis Reynolds.

Jeffrey A. Blanche, MD
Seaside, OR

I am a neurologist in private practice and have been working with Dennis Reynolds for ten years. Dennis has been exemplary in his responses to my questions, has not pressured me and has been extremely reliable in terms of his attention and recommendations over the course of this time.

I would recommend him without reservations. He and I continue to work together, and I am expecting a relationship for both of us to last throughout my remaining practice and into my retirement years.

Jeffrey J. Brown, M.D., Ph.D.
Portland, OR

Dennis has handled insurance matters for me for nine years. He has been the most reliable, courteous and friendly insurance agent I have ever dealt with. Dennis always responds promptly to any inquiry regardless of whether it is of major or minor importance. Dennis also goes above and beyond the call of duty by making calls and getting information that he certainly wasn`t required to be responsible for.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Reynolds as friendly, caring, competent, and honest agent whom anyone can trust.

J. Tucker Neilson, MD, FACP
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine
Oregon Health Sciences University
Angel Medical
515 15th Street
Astoria, OR 97103

Dennis has been my insurance agent and friend for 14 years! As we all know, our policies change and our needs change. He has kept up with all of that easily. He assumes the responsibility to keep up to date on them. I have always felt Dennis puts my needs above his personal contracts, but of course that has kept me loyal. I have maintained several of my insurance policies through him.

He is honest and confidential and caring, which explains why I consider him a good friend too. Besides, he remembers my birthday, but never comments on my age! I recommend him highly to anyone as an insurance and financial advisor.

Carolyn Hale, MD
Keizer, OR

I have known Dennis since 1995, and have come to trust his recommendations. I found him to be honest, persistent, hard working, thorough and financially savvy. He has helped me evaluate my options without telling me what to do. Extremely patient despite my best tries. Highly recommended.

Patrick Lee, MD
Colon and Rectal Surgeon
Portland, OR