Medical Malpractice

Medical Protective was founded in 1899 to provide protection against the growing threat of malpractice claims. Since that time they have been servicing health care providers exclusively - defending not only your capital resources, but your professional reputation as well. Strength. Defense. Solutions. Since 1899. A Berkshire-Hathaway Company.

For a rate indication and other information, we would be pleased to assist you. You can email Dennis Reynolds to request this quickly and easily by clicking here. To be most efficient, you should include your:

  • Name, address, phone, fax,
  • specialty,
  • current insurer,
  • current limits,
  • policy type (claims made or occurrence),
  • renewal date,
  • prior acts or retroactive date,
  • how many years claims free,
  • how many claims and date you entered private practice.

Or, at the welcome page, you can click "Med Mal Rate Indication Request", right click on the form to print and fax the completed request to us at 877-830-2950.

Medical Protective (MedPro)

Protecting your most valuable asset - your reputation™ 

Providing a comprehensive line of medical malpractice insurance for individual doctors, groups, corporations and allied health care professionals. Among the best in the industry, MedPro continues to offer claims made and occurrence options.

Offering you benefits that many others carriers don't. You have:

  • Immediate access to rich information, that can be customized to your profession and location,
  • Financial security, and
  • Personalized solutions.

Experience counts. Since 1899, Medical Protective has handled over 400,000 malpractice claims. Our expertise spanning three centuries in the medical malpractice market place goes unmatched in the industry.


Professional Liability Insurance

Peace of mind

Medical Protective is uniquely positioned to protect our doctors against allegations of malpractice.

Offering Professional Liability Insurance Protection for:

  • Physicians and surgeons and medical groups
  • Licensed allied health care professionals

Customer commitment and longevity

  • 100+ years protecting doctors
  • Protecting over 200,000 providers nationwide

Rock solid financial strength

  • Great industry ratings from A.M. Best (A++ Superior) and Standard & Poor's (AA+) $Billions in assets and $500 million+ in surplus to pay claims

Nation's strongest defense

  • Managing over 15,000 malpractice cases annually and a trial-win success of 90% and 80% of claims closed without payment
  • A claims team who earns a 99% satisfaction rating from doctors

Analytics and solutions

  • Fighting to promote tort and reimbursement reform
  • Helping our doctors mitigate risk with excellent clinical risk management solutions

Innovative products and services

  • Offering claims made and occurrence coverage in most jurisdictions
  • Premium financing available in many states

Discipline and customer service

  • Underwriting and carefully managing our risk pool offering coverage to the best doctors in practice, in the disciplines and jurisdictions we understand best
  • Investing in resources to ensure customer satisfaction

Claims Expertise

You can't take claims lightly. Medical Protective doesn't.

Threats to your reputation are an assault on your success, your career and your character. We believe in our doctors and we are there to protect and defend them.

We are expert in claims handling

  • We mount an early, aggressive defense
  • Annually, MedPro manages more than 15,000 cases
  • The claims team averages 25 years of malpractice claims experience
  • 80% of doctors' cases are resolved without a loss payment being made
  • When we go to trial on behalf of our doctors, we go to win. And we win 90% of the time
  • MedPro clients award us with a 99% claims satisfaction rating

For more than century, Medical Protective, has been insuring select doctors against the perils of malpractice allegations and lawsuits. We use our claims expertise, so our doctors can practice medicine.

Protecting and Defending You is Our Business

When reputations are threatened, Medical Protective has what it takes. Wherever doctors practice, our defense team is nearby with a proven track record of defending health care professionals. Our customers know we have the financial strength to fight when we should and to pay when we have to.

We've contracted with the best attorneys across the country to protect our doctors. We possess an unmatched database containing thousands of national and international expert witnesses, with outstanding qualifications, to call upon when needed in mounting a defense.

"Nothing in my previous experience prepared me for the emotions I felt when I found out I was being sued." A Medical Protective Insured Doctor

MedPro understands the legal climate and the legal process. No doubt, doctors experience heightened stress levels when attacked by a lawsuit. To help prepare our doctors we've developed a unique litigation support program. In our program we:

  • Help our doctors understand the litigation process
  • Teach them to work effectively with the defense team
  • Assist in identifying feelings and finding resources for dealing with them
  • Raise awareness of resources that will be used during a defense.

Our claims and clinical risk management teams have partnered to deliver this comprehensive program, which is accessible online. Our litigation support tool, coupled with the personal meetings with the defense team members, doctors are better prepared for defending their most valuable asset  - their reputations.

Prevention Services

Change is constant.

Even as technology and new ways of thinking resolve age-old problems, additional challenges remain on the horizon. With all the changes and advancements in health care, our customers continue to turn to us - as they have for over a century.

Preventing and mitigating risk is paramount to protecting your reputation. Effective risk management requires a solid knowledge base around a myriad of factors that affect health care  - even those that begin outside the borders of clinical care.

Medical Protective remains committed to the prevention of liability. We meet this commitment in many ways:

Information Resources

  • Published research on risk issues
  • Promote patient protection and satisfaction strategies
  • Offering a clinical risk management manual on CD-Rom
  • Protector , our newsletter helps doctors stay current with emerging issues

Clinical Assessment Tools

  • Self-assessment tools available online
  • Office or clinic assessments are available for purchase through our expert consultants

On-the-Spot Consultation

  • Clinical Risk Consultants are available toll-free and they regularly address doctors' inquiries
  • Timely and practical responses help address many urgent concerns

Education Services - Offering premium credits and Continuing Education hours are available for our insured doctors, who meet program guidelines successfully complete an education module. Education methods include:

  • Classroom
  • Home-study
  • Computer-based learning

*All insurance products are underwritten by The Medical Protective Company unless otherwise indicated. The Medical Protective Company is licensed in all states and the District of Columbia . Product availability varies based upon business and regulatory approval. Medical Protective can offer individual physicians and dentists the right to written consent before settling a claim. Contact Medical Protective and see if you are eligible to receive this important provision at your location.