Our Firm

We help solve real problems using many creative solutions, including Professional Liability (MedMal), Life (Term and Permanent) Insurance, Disabilty Income, Disability Overhead Expense. Included is Personal and Business Insurance Planning. We will cooperate with the client`s other advisors when asked, such as attorneys and CPAs.

The truth is that people dislike being "sold", but love to be served. People intuitively know the difference, and it comes down to this: Whose interests are being looked after, the agent/broker's or the client's? It is a feeling that is undeniable. We believe in putting client's interests first and know in the long run that our business will prosper because of our service.

Many titles are used in our work: Agent, Broker, Advisor and Planner. But whatever title is used, our work is similar. We are PROVIDERS OF ECONOMIC FREEDOM AND SECURITY to the Medical Community.

People trust people more than corporations. It's hard to hide when your name's on the door. When you're working with the owner of a small company, you know where the buck stops. On the other hand, how many times have you contacted the (pardon the expression) customer-service department of your phone or utility company and felt like they couldn't care less? When you deal with a person whose name you recognize and whose hand you've shaken, you know if there's trouble, that person will respond. And we will.

Small businesses need you; corporations don't. Do you think your phone company cares about losing your business? They have millions of customers. But the service professional or small-business owner needs every customer to be happy and spreading the word. We can't take anyone for granted without running the risk of going under. And we don't.

People are accountable and people care more than corporations. Who's more likely to lend a helping hand when there's a problem: a conglomerate or the family doctor you've known for 15 years? It's nearly impossible to have a relationship with a corporation.

People want to know whether they are financially independent and secure. If not, they want to know how to get there, the best route and how long it might take. If they are, they want to protect what has been accumulated. Dennis Reynolds & Associates can help in the process.

Insurance products are limited to residents of Oregon, Idaho & Washington.

Dennis Reynolds will personally contact you to provide any requested information.

We sold our MedPro medmal book of business to another company, effective 4/1/18. However, we can still offer new clients MedPro coverage, as well as other carriers in the E&S marketplace.